Pregnancy Physical Therapist South Florida Emily Testimonial

“I was 20 weeks pregnant with my first child when I realized that I must be doing something wrong because my low back started to hurt and continued to get worse with each passing day. As a PA on my feet all day after a 45-minute commute, I was having trouble working‚ and eventually the intense pain made me unable to sleep. Dr. Vigo performed a thorough evaluation and figured out exactly what was causing my pain. She took the time to review all of the postures that I needed to avoid and even helped to make sure I could find a way to sit comfortably in my car. After three visits with Dr. Vigo, my pain had decreased from an 8/10 to a 3/10‚ and I could actually sleep again. I have continued to use her strategies and exercises since my son was born‚ and I know I have avoided a lot of postpartum complications as a result. I would highly recommend Dr. Vigo to anybody!”

Emily – Coral Springs‚ FL

“Within a year of having my third child‚ I began having lower back pain and sciatica issues. The sciatica had progressed to the point where if I walked for a period of time‚ I could not feel my toes on my left side. I was in constant discomfort and unsure of what was causing the issues or how to heal it. I began seeing Dr. Vigo and she not only helped rehabilitate me‚ but she also spent time educating me on why I was in pain and the importance of maintaining a strong core. I was unaware of how common these issues were for postpartum women and I wish I had known Dr. Vigo during my previous pregnancies so I could have avoided lots of pain. Within a couple of sessions‚ not only did I feel stronger more confident that I could regain muscles in my midsection‚ but also I was no longer in pain. I could keep up with the needs of my three young children without discomfort. More than a year later‚ I still use the exercises Dr. Vigo taught me. I’m so grateful for all she did and for her sweet, loving nature and helping me through a tough time. Dr. Vigo was so incredibly supportive. She became more than my PT; she became a valued friend.”

Jamie – Parkland‚ FL 

Pregnancy Physical Therapist South Florida Jamie Testimonials

Pregnancy Physical Therapist South Florida Jessica Testimonial

“I was 28 weeks pregnant with my second child when started having symptoms of sacroiliitis on one side, and then it would migrate to the next. I was also experiencing pubic bone pain and clicking when I would turn over in bed at night. That’s when I remembered a physical therapist, Dr. Vigo, who spoke at one of the baby classes that I took while I was pregnant with my first child. Oh how I wish I had seen her for my first pregnancy! I began to see Dr. Vigo for the back pain, and she noted that my posture was incorrect; one of my hips was higher than the other. She began to help realign my hips and pelvis and strengthen my core for more stability. Three weeks later, I fell and started to have preterm contractions and severe back pain near my sacrum, but they were unable to take X–rays or films at the hospital because I was pregnant. I continued to see Dr. Vigo with my new‚ more severe symptoms, using a wheelchair for two weeks as I was unable to walk because of the pain. After rehabbing me all the way to delivery‚ my pain tremendously subsided and I was able to walk again. I was even able to deliver my healthy baby boy vaginally. After the delivery, X–rays and an MRIs of my back showed a sacrum fracture and a bulging disc of L5–S1. I wouldn’t have been able to function the last trimester of my pregnancy if it hadn’t been for Dr. Vigo’s expertise in OB physical therapy. She truly is a gift to the field. And pregnant women should be informed that back pain doesn’t have to be “the norm” in a special time to remember. I will always be grateful for all she has done for me and my baby. ”

Jessica – Fort Lauderdale‚ FL

“I had a fairly healthy pregnancy and was able to stay active until the end. Unfortunately, I had a very long and stressful labor that left me with a painful body I barely recognized. To say my back hurt would be an understatement. I was experiencing every kind of pelvic pain imaginable‚ and even after 3 months I still didn’t feel right. Once I began working with Dr. Vigo and applying her advice, I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Even though the beginning of my rehab seemed like I was doing grandma exercises and practicing basic daily movements‚ I stuck with it and quickly saw the benefits. One month later, we were finally able to start doing some real exercises, and I began to feel like my old self again. I thank Dr. Vigo for her expertise‚ her patience with all of my detailed questions‚ and for being able to meet me exactly where I was. Now I am happily joining my husband at the gym on a regular basis again!”

Annie – Plantation‚ FL

Pregnancy Physical Therapist South Florida Annie Testimonial

Pregnancy Physical Therapist South Florida Guesulla Testimonial

“In the middle of April 2015‚ when I was 20 weeks pregnant with my son, a severe asthma attack landed me in ICU. I was intubated and induced in a coma for 9 days with a total of 15 days in the hospital. During my comatose phase‚ the medications strongly affected my leg and arm muscles‚ especially my right arm. I was to use a wheelchair and could not even hold a spoon to feed myself after discharge.

After I was released, no rehabilitation center would take me to undergo physical therapy because I was pregnant and‚ according to them‚ too severe of a case and liability. Still, Dr. Vigo, who had previously worked with my son, said she was capable and willing to provide me physical therapy.

Dr. Vigo did not hesitate to provide me with the routines that were appropriate and relevant to my recovery. The routines were always consistent with my condition and were provided with care. During every visit‚ Dr. Vigo was very efficient; she always checked my blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing before starting a session to make sure that I met the necessary physical conditions. She also understood my body and could easily read when I was tired and I needed to change routine or stop.

Doctors estimated I would fully regain muscle strength in my arms and legs in at least 6 weeks; however, my recovery was quicker and I got stronger at the right pace mainly because of Dr. Vigo’s twice-weekly interventions. I can honestly say that Dr. Vigo’s encouragement‚ personality‚ care‚ and involvement facilitated my recovery.”

Gesulla – Tamarac‚ Fl

“My OB told me at 20 weeks that my umbilical hernia was going to get much worse throughout my pregnancy‚ and that I would probably need corrective surgery after I delivered. I started working with Dr. Vigo shortly after that‚ and she was able to provide me with many options to try to alleviate this problem. We ended up using athletic tape over my belly button to keep the hernia from worsening‚ and it really helped! The pain I had in the area was completely alleviated‚ and I truly never felt like it was progressing into a bigger hernia. After I delivered‚ Dr. Vigo checked my abdomen and told me that not only was my hernia minimal‚ but I didn’t even have diastisis recti!

I am currently four months postpartum, and I still have no need for reconstructive surgery. I am so grateful for all of Dr. Vigo’s knowledge in this field and for her ability to listen to my concerns and find an appropriate solution. I know a hernia may seem like a small thing‚ as my doctor was not very concerned about it‚ but I didn’t want to sit back and watch it get worse as my belly grew. The taping‚ in combination with the exercises and postural education during pregnancy, enabled me to totally focus on my gorgeous baby boy after delivery instead of worrying about recovering from surgery. I am so happy with my outcome and would highly recommend Dr. Kat for all of your pregnancy problems‚ big or small.”

Sarah – Ft. Lauderdale

Pregnancy Physical Therapist South Florida Sarah Testimonial

Pregnancy Physical Therapist South Florida Ellie Testimonial

“I suffered from an incomplete C5 spinal cord injury when I was 14 years old. As a result, I have some remaining strength deficits on my right side‚ and I have a slightly altered walking pattern. Needless to say‚ being pregnant twice took a big toll on my body! I began experiencing hip pain and leg numbness after having my second daughter‚ and no matter what I did, it just kept getting worse. I knew I needed help. That’s when I met Dr. Vigo. It took only three visits before my pain and numbness began to decrease significantly. She was also able to help me walk a little better so that I didn’t increase the asymmetries started by my spinal cord injury. I continue to work with Dr. Vigo on a weekly basis for fitness training‚ and she makes sure I stay on track throughout the rest of the week. I would highly recommend Dr. Vigo to any woman who is looking to get her life and body back!”

Ellie – Ft. Lauderdale

“I am Dr. Vigo’s number one fan! There was nothing she couldn’t help me with during my pregnancy. Everything that I thought was normal was actually something that she could fix. I didn’t have to endure the same backaches and shooting pains I suffered during my first pregnancy. I am so grateful for all of her direction and advice‚ and I continue to do the same exercises she gave me‚ even today! I know I did not suffer postpartum as I did with my first because of Dr. Vigo’s direction and guidance. I also now remember to maintain proper posture with everything I do. It means so much to this momma that I can focus all of my energies on my new baby girl‚ and not be burdened with pain. Thank you, Dr. Vigo! ”

Kali – Boca Raton‚ FL

Pregnancy Physical Therapist South Florida Kali Testimonial

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