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We want to talk with you prior to scheduling your first visit because what we do is different.

Physical therapy can be tricky, as many other pregnant and postpartum conditions can be mistaken for muscle or bony issues. Most of the women we speak with are a perfect fit for obstetric physical therapy. Sometimes, though, a mom will reach out hoping to schedule an appointment with a therapist, when what she is actually dealing with is early labor! We are highly skilled and trained to tease out any other conditions that can mask orthopedic pains, like kidney stones, UTI’s, and yes, even labor. So let’s chat briefly to be certain that we are exactly what you need. And if we aren’t, we will be happy to point you in the right direction.

How we do what we do is different. We do not have a typical clinic with typical clinicians who work typical hours. We invite ourselves to your home, bringing everything you’ll need to achieve the goals you have. We do the driving, the traffic, the walking in the rain, the waiting for the trains and bridges, and the stairs. We are happy to do this so that you don’t have to. And thus far, our patients have ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!! But we know this may be new for you.
So we like to discuss this process and any other questions you may have regarding the home care aspect of our company. We know it is not common, so we want to make sure you are absolutely comfortable with it.

We chose home care to accommodate our patients as much as possible. It is at the heart and soul of Painless Pregnancy to care for women at every stage of motherhood. We know pregnant patients are already frequently taking time off of work to get to their doctor or midwife appointments. They don’t want to take more time off of work to get to therapy. So we can come to you in the evenings or weekends.

We know postpartum women are typically taking care of newborns. This simple fact alone can make it seemingly IMPOSSIBLE for them to leave the house at a certain time. And even if they are able to leave the house on time, they will be bringing a NEWBORN out into the world. Talk about challenging!! Not only do these babies need to be fed and changed and napped regularly, but they can be FUSSY!! Their needs are constant, so getting in and out of cars, driving in traffic, possibly in bad weather, waiting in waiting rooms, being quite while mom gets treated or asks questions, is not really their thing. Not to mention, those newborns are already having to go through all of that on a very regular basis to get themselves checked out at the pediatrician. So mom and baby CERTIANLY don’t need another frequent scheduled appointment on their calendar outside of the house.

But with home care, the experience is extraordinarily different. Those newborns can be casually finishing a feed when the therapist arrives. They can be enjoying an unusually long nap during the consultation. Or they can be sitting in their favorite bouncy seat while mom receives her therapy. They can get their diaper changed or start nursing while the therapist is packing up her supplies. They can never know the hassle that they missed out on by not needing to leave the house one more time. And we hope they never will.

Our therapists are also very different. They will not rush you through your stories. They will not roll their eyes at your concerns. They will NOT minimize what you are going through or compare you to other moms. Our therapists care deeply about moms. And it shows.

Each physical therapist at Painless Pregnancy is highly skilled and trained in obstetric care. That means that if there is a technique or approach that has been discovered to be effective in helping pregnant or postpartum women be pain-free or move well, then they know about it. We continuously seek out the absolute best of the best when it comes to education. But that is to be expected. You will be physically feeling better after your therapy session. So we have found ways to go above and beyond just the physical.

We at Painless Pregnancy take the holistic approach seriously. We will be incorporating your emotional, mental, and spiritual health as well. Our goal is not to get into your business, but to support you with every need you have as you progress through this journey that is motherhood. There are some serious ups and downs. And we all handle these differently. So we want you to know that we will honor you at every stage. We will walk with you grow. We will never judge. We will always encourage. And when we encounter a situation that is out of our specialty, we will offer you the best of the best recommendations to give you that unparalleled assistance.

There are a lot of reasons why our company is different. These reasons often lead to great discussions. And the discussions lead to excitedly scheduling visits. Hesitation only happens when you doubt if you are worth it. We firmly believe you are. Moms are the foundation of the family. If mom is not well, baby is not well. Period. And we know you would NEVER hesitate to do what is best for that baby. Not even for a moment. So why would you hesitate to receive the care you know is best for you? That’s right, there is no good reason. So call us. We are expecting you…