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October 6, 2021

Pregnancy is the most happiest but at the same time could be the most challenging time in women’s life. Some women struggle to get pregnant some women struggle to remain pregnant and some women just have it as best as it gets. It might seem obvious to seek for physical therapy help for women who have trouble with pregnancy remaining pregnant or getting pregnant. Yet even those women who enjoy their pregnancy and have no complications Will benefit from physical therapy services. Painless Pregnancy is one of the leading providers or physical therapy for pregnant women pregnancy physical therapist South Florida  to make their pregnancy is pleasurable and as comfortable as possible. The founder of painless pregnancy physical therapy is a pregnancy physical therapist South Florida herself who had a complicated pregnancy but even more she struggled after giving a birth because she found that there are not a lot of resources where she could turn to in order to find help. She used to work in a hospital where pregnant women were seeking help but our health system is not the best and we all know about it. Women are usually limited by the amount of time they get in the clinic whether it’s outpatient clinic or a hospital and it makes it difficult to tailor the treatment and really find ways to help those pregnant women to make their pregnancy better.

So painless pregnancy is a great resource for all the pregnant women out there who is looking for ways to decrease pain and improve function and be pain free during their pregnancy. In reality there could be different complications throughout the pregnancy. it’s usually starts with lower back pain pretty early on in the term. Then it might progress and women get a pubic symphysis pain or a lightning crotch that they might struggle with throughout the whole pregnancy. Painless a Pregnancy is the leading expert in addressing those issues locally Pregnancy physical therapist South Florida. We help moms to feel better but they are low back pain will help them eliminate the pubic symphysis pain by providing manual therapy neuromuscular education and therapeutic exercises. We also are teaching moms on how to properly use their body to prevent the injury in the future. We also do economic assessment of the working place or the body dynamics with breast-feeding with changing with leaving the baby with holding the baby.

Moms who are working with painless pregnancy are extremely satisfied with the services provided. We usually work with them throughout the pregnancy and then see them as early as two weeks postpartum whether it is vaginal delivery or C-section. What do we do during pregnancy and postpartum? During pregnancy women’s bodies changing her ribs need to flare up to accommodate for the growing belly professional tissues need to expand to accommodate for the growing belly so if you have questions reach out to your pregnancy physical therapist South Florida. Every session we address the whole body from top to bottom. We start with releasing the upper body muscles to help correct for forwards health pressure or ground shoulders step mom‘s or future moms or really anybody nowadays struggle with. Then we absolutely do a rib cage release to make sure that your ribs can expand and move in all the directions they supposed to move so it’s easier for you to breathe and your bodies able to accommodate for a growing baby inside of you.

Then we move to your thoracolumbar facia that’s a very thick can access issue that comes from from your back to the front and if it’s tied it’s most likely going to contribute to formation of diastasis recti. So every session we make sure that we release that fashion to help your belly grow and to correct for the ass this is recti. Then we move to your pelvis and we make sure that you’re both pelvic bones and moving in all directions they supposed to move so when you’re ready for delivery you can form an outlet with in your pelvis to accommodate for babies had to come in to the birthing canal and then to form an inlet to where baby’s head comes to leave your body. We also make sure that all of your hip muscles are off correct length and you don’t have tightness anywhere so when you are in a birthing position you’re comfortable. Then we put you inside lying and we work on releasing the bones again with the same purpose of making sure that your bones are movable. And we do some exercises here if needed and for the most moms their hip muscles are weak and there are a lot of tenderness in the small muscles that are trying to support the growing weight of the belly. Then comes the most favorite part of all moms especially those that are already in late pregnancy. We put moms on their stomach. How do we do that? Surprise! We have a table with special opening for the belly where belly can be supported and mom can comfortably lay on your stomach.

From here we’re making sure that there is appropriate mobility in the thoracic spine or at the mid back where spine connects to the ribs which is usually hypo mobile. Then we go down to your sacrum and we make sure that this triangular bone is also moving in all directions and needs to move. This helps to avoid SIJ problems. If you are prepared for C-section we still go through the same process because your body still changing your body still accommodating and preparing for birth, your body is not aware of scheduled C-section. This way we are making sure that we are accommodating for every woman’s situation during pregnancy physical therapist South Florida and providing the most comprehensive care we possibly can. Our moms going into delivery happy that they have maintained their health and fitness throughout the pregnancy. They also have easier time bouncing back afterwards. Exercises during pregnancy is the best Way of staying healthy for both mom and baby. Also since you put all of this work during pregnancy usually what we see is it is easier for moms to bounce back after the delivery.  We are the best service provider for pregnant moms who need pregnancy physical therapist South Florida.


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