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Painless Pregnancy

Our mission is to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to treat and prevent pain, correct dysfunction, and promote maximum health. We will prepare you physically for delivery and beyond so that you can have the most positive pregnancy experience possible.


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Correct pain and dysfunction at any
point during your pregnancy.

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Restore your body back to maximum function
while minimizing pain and discomfort.

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Prevent potential problems and maintain the
highest level of fitness during and after pregnancy

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What is Painless Pregnancy?

Painless Pregnancy is a concierge at-home physical therapy company providing highly skilled and experienced care to the pregnant and postpartum woman. This means that when a mother‚ at any stage‚ encounters pain or bodily dysfunction‚ we intervene. We assess the whole woman‚ evaluate her specific problems‚ and implement a precise plan to solve them. As another option, we also provide our wellness program. This expertly designed, an individualized program is for women who are not currently experiencing problems but want to be proactive in avoiding them. We are committed to making every effort to prevent all unnecessary pain and suffering from pregnancy-related changes in the female body. It would be a privilege to partner with you to ensure that you have the most positive pregnancy experience possible.

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What Our Clients Say…

Within a year of having my third child‚ I began having lower back pain and sciatica issues. The sciatica had progressed to the point where if I walked for a period of time‚ I could not feel my toes on my left side. I was in constant discomfort and unsure of what was causing the issues or how to heal it. I began seeing Dr. Kat and she not only helped rehabilitate‚ but she spent time educating me…..

Jamie – Parkland, FL

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Dr. Kat Vigo

Dr. Kat Vigo has been serving women of South Florida as a Physical Therapist for more than 11 years. Having recovered from a difficult first birth herself, she knew the importance of timely and specialized care.

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