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Our mission is to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to treat and prevent pain, correct dysfunction, and promote maximum health. We will prepare you physically for delivery and beyond so that you can have the most positive pregnancy experience possible.


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What is Painless Pregnancy?

Painless Pregnancy is a concierge at-home physical therapy company providing highly skilled and experienced care to the pregnant and postpartum woman. This means that when a mother‚ at any stage‚ encounters pain or bodily dysfunction‚ we intervene. We assess the whole woman‚ evaluate her specific problems‚ and implement a precise plan to solve them. As another option, we also provide our wellness program. This expertly designed, an individualized program is for women who are not currently experiencing problems but want to be proactive in avoiding them. We are committed to making every effort to prevent all unnecessary pain and suffering from pregnancy-related changes in the female body. It would be a privilege to partner with you to ensure that you have the most positive pregnancy experience possible.

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What Our Clients Say…

Within a year of having my third child‚ I began having lower back pain and sciatica issues. The sciatica had progressed to the point where if I walked for a period of time‚ I could not feel my toes on my left side. I was in constant discomfort and unsure of what was causing the issues or how to heal it. I began seeing Dr. Kat and she not only helped rehabilitate‚ but she spent time educating me…..

Jamie – Parkland, FL

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Pregnancy Physical Therapist South Florida Jamie

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Dr. Kat Vigo

Dr. Kat Vigo has been serving women of South Florida as a Physical Therapist for more than 11 years. Having recovered from a difficult first birth herself, she knew the importance of timely and specialized care.

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Welcome Momma’s to Our New Blog Space!

Painless Pregnancy’s team of physical therapists is one of the best in South Florida. Our mission is to educate and teach our mom’s how to have the best delivery and postpartum recovery available to them. As for all of the mothers whom we can’t meet in person, and to those who want to learn more, here is a space where everyone can educate themselves on some of the things that occur during and after pregnancy. We will be writing and uploading material to further educate our patients on what they can do for themselves if they encounter anything we discuss on this blog.

Painless Pregnancy was created by Dr. Kat Vigo to treat pregnant and postpartum women who have musculoskeletal dysfunctions to help them move and live at their most optimal. One of the greatest barriers pregnant and postpartum women encounter before they receive physical therapy is breaking down the misconceptions of what is considered “normal”.

First of all, I’d like to clarify why a pregnant or a postpartum woman should receive Physical Therapy. Sometimes it’s due to a traumatic injury from a difficult birth, like a pubic symphysis rupture, or because a pregnant woman is on bedrest. Luckily, these incidents don’t happen to every woman going through pregnancy and childbirth. But what about low back pain, difficulty with walking, or incontinence? Many women have been told in the past that these conditions are all normal.

Well, I’m here to tell you that while those issues are common, they are not normal. The good news is that they can be resolved so that any woman can have an easier pregnancy, as well as a better recovery period. Here are some of the less obvious reasons why Physical Therapy can benefit the pregnant and postpartum woman.


Pregnancy is not going to be the most comfortable nine months of your life. Who can imagine feeling comfortable with another human growing inside of them, right? Some minor discomfort should be expected. However, if a woman is experiencing so much pain that she cannot go about her daily activities, then that is a red flag. Pain should not stop a woman from going about her normal routines during her pregnancy. If it is, it is not normal. This is where a Physical Therapist who specializes in women’s health can offer a great deal of help.

What types of pain am I referring to? Back pain, foot pain, wrist pain (yep, that exists), neck pain, shoulder pain, nerve pain down your leg…anything related to musculoskeletal dysfunction is our business. Many postpartum women experience similar discomforts while tackling the very difficult hurdles associated with breastfeeding, raising children, and juggling work/life all at the same time. Moms are superheroes, there’s no doubt about it. However, mothers do not have to suffer through the pain just to keep up with all the demands in their lives. If you are in pain for these reasons, Physical Therapy intervention is recommended.



Ever seen the pregnancy waddle? Many women expect that to happen to them just because they are pregnant. Of course, you won’t be able to walk the way you were used to before you became pregnant. After all, you’re carrying a lot more weight around and it can alter your gait. However, if you’re experiencing a significantly distorted gait, that is a red flag.

Let’s say you have a terrible lean to one side, or your knee is buckling every time you take a step, or you have to hold your low back when you’re walking because you can’t stand up straight. Does any of this sound familiar to some of you?

Gait dysfunction can feel incredibly crippling for most people. Many women have pelvises that cannot support their growing abdomen when they are pregnant, and it can lead to what we call “lumbopelvic dysfunction.” The muscle imbalances incurred during pregnancy can lead to significant gait dysfunction, and may even cause pregnant women to fall. It can be a very difficult experience, but it does not have to happen to you. Gait dysfunction doesn’t have to occur to a woman just because she is pregnant. And let me just say, no pregnant woman should be falling. If you’re experiencing anything that I just mentioned, or if you know anyone who has these issues, please call a physical therapist with experience in women’s health. We can, and will, help get you back on your feet.


::Cough:: ::Sneeze:: Woops. Was that a little pee that you just felt?

I’m going to generalize a bit here and venture a guess that most of the world thinks that it’s normal for pregnant or postpartum women to pee their pants a little. Guess what? While it’s common, it doesn’t have to be the norm.

Let’s clarify a few things: when a woman is in her third trimester, it’s very hard to control her bladder because of the enormous weight pressing down upon it. That’s why you see very pregnant women rushing off to the bathroom after a few sips of water. It’s annoying, but it’s pretty normal considering the anatomical changes taking place. Even in the fourth trimester (first 3 months after giving birth), it’s pretty common–even normal– to lose control of your bladder, especially after a vaginal birth.

When is it not normal? Any time you lose control of your bladder or bowels before or after that 6 month span of time. In fact, you should have full control over your bladder at all times. If you don’t, that’s a sign that something is wrong. More and more physical therapists are being trained in pelvic floor rehabilitation, and we can help you take control of your body again. So next time your mother blames you for causing her to pee her pants every time she sneezes, tell her she should consider pelvic floor rehab.

I’m glad that’s all cleared up! But the biggest takeaway that I want you to have from this article is that there is HOPE and, above all, there is HELP! If you live in the South Florida area, call Painless Pregnancy and we can definitely find ways to help you feel yourself again. If you don’t live in the area, call your nearest Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Specialist. Now that you’ve read these points, you know that you can do something about the symptoms you’re having.

One more thing: you are in control of you. Sometimes, things can be misdiagnosed or just missed entirely. This information is just becoming public and many physical therapists are grateful that the word is finally getting out there. Women’s Health is a growing area of specialty, but many people are still unaware of the services available to them. Educate yourself about these issues so you can take control of your body. Talk to professionals who know more about these medical conditions. Ask questions about things that may seem confusing. Taking care of yourself will help you function at your best. This is also excellent practice for when you have to speak up for your new babe!